Here Are The Top Bitcoin Owners

A Close analysis of over 23 million Bitcoin wallets that exist by BitInfoCharts reveals that more than 13 million of the wallets only own a small fraction of the virtual asset. The top bitcoin owners comprise a small fraction and they have the ability to influence the market by their actions.

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The analysis reveals the majority of the bitcoin wallets only comprise a small percentage of the digital asset. The top bitcoin owners are a few and in crypto lingo, they are known as whales. They sit at the top end of the scale where 1,500 addresses own between 1, 000 – 10, 000 BTC.

A close look at the top 111 wallets shows they own more than 10, 000 BTC a piece which at the current market value translates to tens of millions of dollars.

The statistics don’t stop there and they go on to show 87% Bitcoin ever mined is owned by only half a percent of BTC wallets. The numbers only tighten from here with 61% of all BTC owned by 0.07% BTC wallets.

BitFinex, a crypto exchange has the 2nd largest wallet with 174, 888.38 BTC that are worth $1,494, 154, 488 billion at the current price of $8, 543.47. For security purposes, the wallet is believed to be in cold storage – a BTC wallet that is kept offline to avoid hacking.

The analysis goes on to show over 100 BTC wallets are some of the top Bitcoin owners holding coins that are worth over $28.6 billion.

Interestingly, there is a number of wallets in the top 100 that have not been touched in a long time. A good example is that of the 9th largest BTC wallet which is worth around $657 million. It has never transferred any bitcoin out and hasn’t had any meaningful input since 2014.

This is a classic dormant wallet that could be owned by a true long-term holder or could be part of the millions of BTC that has been lost through forgotten passwords, wiped hard drives and other unknown problems.

However, many of the largest wallets are active and the biggest are getting bigger.  The largest BTC wallet increased its holdings by 60, 000 BTC towards the end of 2017. While it has moved a few thousand since it’s clear it was taking advantage of the price dip. This is a pattern that is repeated with most top wallets.

For people trying to build themselves a sizable BTC wallet, they are better off keenly observing the top bitcoin wallets as they seem to have the ability track, predict and influence the market mostly to their advantage.

Do you own any BTC? What do you think of these statistics? Let us know in the comment section below.