Best Litecoin mining

I happen to have invested $400 into litecoin in February 2017 and it’s now worth over $10,000 today. Well, you may be anxious to know how all this happened.  If you really are a keen follower of cryptos, it’s easier to say that Litecoin is the only crypto that is really scaring the future of Bitcoin. From my earlier posts I had indicated that within last month alone, LTC experienced a 400% increase in its value and this was a better performance than Bitcoin. Solo mining of litecoin is very difficult as compared to mining in a pool where it takes a very short time to solve a block. For maximum profits, you have to join the best litecoin mining pool. Shortly, am going to tell you why is the best litecoin mining pool to join. Very soon solo mining will be bygones.

Factors to consider before joining a pool

There are so many LTC mining pools, before joining any of the pools it’s good to consider the following factors;

1. Currency it produces; there are those that produce a specific currency and others allow you to mine many other currencies

2. Methods of payment in the pool, these can be PPS [pay per share], PROP [proportional] or PPLNS [pay per last N shares].

3. Number of miners in that pool since you will be sharing the rewards.

4. Pool efficiency

5. Accessibility of the pool.


Best Litecoin mining pool

Well, there are several pools to mine litecoin but on taking into consideration of the above factors, stands out as the best litecoin mining pool to use. This pool has been mining litecoins since October 2011. Its payment method is PPS [payment per share]. It was started shortly after the birth of litecoin by a pooler who was one of the LTC core developers and it became the first pool for LTC mining. It controls 254 GH/s of the mining power key features

  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Detailed charts and statistics that are updated after every few seconds
  • No fees charged- they have a plan of including 0.15% soon or later
  • Both automatic and manual{ are instant} payouts
  • Merged mining i.e. you can mine other altcoins but you will be paid in terms of litecoins
  • Extensive JSON API
  • Extensions to Stratum protocol in CPUMiner i.e. resume and suggest_target
  • TLS-encrypted Stratum connections; this protects its miners from “man-in-the-middle attacks”
  • Minimum payout of 0.1 LTC
  • 4 TH/s network hashrate.
  • Can be used by third party miner monitors by key secured API.
  • No penalty for orphaned blocks
  • Per worker performance graphs
  • Geographically distributed servers
  • 103% payout
  • Signals SegWit reward system

In this pool, you get paid for every share that you submit, immediate creditation of your account based on the pay per share [PPS] rate. The PPS rate also considers the merged mining and thus it’s possible to earn more out of merged mining since there is no fee charged. Interestingly, you can be paid even when the pool has not solved out enough blocks. This is of contrary to other pools, where you are only paid when a block has been fully solved and at times blocks may get orphaned from LTC network and thus you will earn zero rewards. This makes PPS pools better to use than POR or PPLNS pools since PPS pools will still pay you even if the block gets orphaned.

N/B; it’s very unprofitable mining LTC with CPUs, GPUs or phones and very profitable when you use specialized hardware such as ASIC miners.

Joining is very simple, all you need to do is to sign up for an account and log in.

Other LTC mining pools

F2pool; according to statistics, it’s the largest litecoin mining pool- it has 896 GH/s of mining power. It also signals SegWit.

Happychina; started operating in March 2017.

LE6Oriamkx; it represents 146 GH/s of hashing power.

Coinotron; contributes about 22 GH/s to the network. Supports SegWit too.

Give me coins; it’s a smaller pool, contributes 16 GH/s to the network currently.


So far so good, stands out as the best litecoin mining pool thus its high recommendation. Pool mining is the best way to mine cryptos, just stop the greed and join a pool. With a pool, it’s possible to achieve more within a very short time as compared to solo mining. Well, we all know that two heads are better than one!!!